Balloon Kyphoplasty

Back fractures are very painful and can lead to significant permanent spine deformities. These fractures are usually due to osteoporosis. In order to preserve a normal and healthy spine, ask your doctor to refer you to Northwest Pain Care as soon as a fracture occurs. We can also help with treatment of osteoporosis.

Balloon kyphoplasty, for spinal compression fractures, significantly reduces pain, can restore bone height and spine angle, stabilizes the fracture, and gets the patient back to performing daily life activities. Balloon Kyphoplasty can be performed in the office on appropriate patients, decreasing the red tape, time and cost associated with hospital admission. Patients receive intravenous sedation and local anesthetic. Through a very small incision, a small tube is placed into the fractured bone. Through this tube a specialized catheter with a balloon at the end is introduced. The balloon is inflated slowly under live x-ray. The balloon can restore bone height and it creates a cavity. Very fast-drying cement is placed into the cavity to stabilize the fracture. By forming a cavity with the balloon, it makes it less likely for cement to travel to unwanted places, reducing the risk of complications. The procedure usually takes under one hour to perform and can be performed on up to 3 fractured levels. Patients often see pain relief immediately, and generally within the first few days.

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